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Executive Director

Lee Roland has been an educator for over 30 years and has enjoyed great success in his roles as a special education teacher, principal, and area superintendent. He is the former principal of Tulakes in the Putnam City School District.  

His book, The Fantastic Voyage: A Story of School Turnaround and Achievement by Overcoming Poverty and Addressing Race, wonderfully chronicles the success of his school in a high-challenged community in Northwest Oklahoma City that had previously experienced years of low test scores and poor image before his arrival. 

Mr. Roland has always labored exhaustively yet ardently in the field to serve students and teachers with excellence. His dedication and determination are evident as he endeavors to inspire and propel others who serve, to touch lives, and to make a difference, particularly for children.

Lee has a passion for working with children of poverty, and teacher efficacy and has thus received numerous awards, including being inducted into Oklahoma Black Educator's Hall of Fame. He believes that it is America's moral obligation to improve our society via public schools, one of his foremost missions in life.

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