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We facilitate the development of enduring partnerships between public schools and a community of churches, non-profit organizations, local businesses, and other supporting entities, providing holistic programs that address the needs identified by individual schools to improve student outcomes and educator experience.

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Every child today is the future of our world tomorrow. To equip them for this future, they must have the resources they need to thrive. The hard truth is that most children don’t have access to resources they need. Oftentimes, a child’s only resource is their school, where it provides education, structure, nutrition, and parental support, but it’s not enough; children and schools need our help.
We have seen how valuable it is for the local community to be involved in enriching schools. That’s where Hope United comes in. We pride ourselves on being matchmakers to allow our local community and our school community find common ground to discuss their needs and find solutions.

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Hope United researches and develops the best practices to build a supportive, collaborative community around schools.  We utilize the principles of “Asset Based Community Development” to focus on what various partners have to offer, and how to use the best assets of the community to build sustainable, mutually beneficial relationships.


How do we accomplish all of this, the same way we help schools, we build relationships.  Hope United meets with superintendents and principals about the benefits of collaborative partnerships. 

We talk with leaders in the faith community and help them connect to a local school.  We connect the schools to business partners, universities, non-profits and other community leaders. 

We host serving events and help school districts host a CAFÉ, Community, and Family Engagement, meeting, where the school principals and staff meet with their community partners to strategize a collaborative plan for their school’s success. 

Our organization is recognized as having completed the Standards for Excellence course by the Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits. Our certification is valid from 2018-2023, and we can be found on the Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits graduate page.

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